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Meditation Made Quick and Simple

Because, honestly, the whole point is to relax.  So if you’re all crazy and thinking ‘ugh, i don’t have a half hour to stand on my head and pray to the moon god,’ then that’s not really helping you out, is it?  No.

Meditation has been a relaxation technique handed down through the centuries. It’s gained popularity today in our Western culture due to extreme “life” overload.  Too many minivans, soccer games, sick parents, iPhones, start-up companies and floods of media hype.  Too much of the American Dream will kill ya.  So says I.  Some may disagree.  But if you’re here, and you’re interested in meditating, then you might be nodding along; or at least acknowledging that we’re all super stressed, super crazed and living in hyper drive trying to have it all.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have it all.  But I’ve decided that my “having it all” has very little to do with worrying about what anyone else has.  I read a quote on Instagram the other day, and I can’t give anyone credit because I could never find it again ( media overload much?!?).  It was to the effect that ‘ I used to admire people who had money and things and now I admire people who have inner peace.’  Something like that.  You get the gist.  It’s true.  My having it all has to do with calm, peace, happiness and bringing love and light into the world.  That’s my goal.

Now, I need money to pay for my iPhone (because I am still subject to their genius advertising and superior technology), and my car and my food, etc.  But I no longer sacrifice my time, my happiness or my well-being to earn more than what I need.

I’m getting off the point here.  Meditating. Made simple.  Here we go – it’s kind of a big secret I’m about to let you in on.

P.S. – I’m joking.

Here it is.  5 minutes.  I know men who spend longer in the bathroom with a Playboy or their Instagram feed.  So no one is allowed to say they don’t have 5 minutes.

Take 5 minutes.  Sit, stand, lean; whatever you are comfortable with, because the point is to…… what now?  Relax!  You got it.

So take 5 minutes, every day.  Closing your eyes is usually helpful because it forces you to block out distractions.  I like to find a quiet place, but if you can’t find one, chances are you’ve been living in chaos for so long that you can block out the sounds around you.  And while you are giving yourself these 5 minutes (they are a gift), think about nothing, a purple lamp, an elephant, anything that brings a smile to your lips.  I find that if you have a phrase to repeat, it can help too.  Any tool that can keep your mind quiet and centered for those 5 minutes. Sometimes holding something in your hand can help keep your mind focused (ADD spinners in classrooms????)  Anyway, sometimes I hold a stone or even a random object.

Breathe.  This is the second part of the secret to meditation.  Tell yourself, ‘I’m breathing.’  Don’t laugh.  Or do, maybe that will help you.  But if you tell yourself ‘I’m breathing in, and I’m breathing out’ you are much more likely to feel the benefits of the deep breaths.  Why do you think they teach pregnant women and those suffering from panic attacks (much like those about to give birth I imagine) how to breathe deep?  Because it is an amazingly powerful tool for calming and relaxing.

Try this, every day, for a week.  You will be amazed at how great you feel after just 5 minutes.  Your mind and your body will feel refreshed and rejuvenated.  Ready to take on the rest of the day!

This Blue Agate (a stone known for it’s calming and soothing metaphysical properties) bracelet would be a perfect way to remind yourself to spend 5 minutes everyday just tuning  into you.  Because, you’re worth it!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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