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Childhood Treasures

I don’t remember being happy a lot as a child.  I actually don’t have lots of memories from childhood.  Apparently trauma can do that to you.  But I do know, that one thing that always, always, always made me happy (and still does) is being at the shore, picking up “treasures.”  Shells, rocks, drift wood, beach glass, dried out crab shells; you name it, and I picked it up and examined it very closely to see if it was a worthy treasure.

P.S. – They usually all were!!


Now I’m turning those happy childhood memories into wearable art.  I’ve begun picking some of my favorite piece of sea glass and wire-wrapping them to hang on all different types of necklaces.

Ebb and Flow like the sea ~ as it flows, so does life.

Feel the power of the ocean ~ It’s the same power in your mind ~ Energy ~ It can sweep you up or pull you under.

Wear these pieces as a reminder of the sea, of it’s power, of your power.  Give as a gift to someone who also grew up along the New England coast and would treasure my treasure for all their own reasons!

Get your beach glass here ~